Huascarán: Peru's highest mountain and largest natural water tower, Santa River basin.  © Adam French

Huascarán: Peru's highest mountain and largest natural water tower, Santa River basin.  ©Adam French

Global change in hydro-social systems

I study the impacts and interactions of climate change and economic globalization on hydro-social systems (e.g. large watersheds), examining how these processes influence hydrologic regimes and ecosystems, generate new risks and resource pressures across sectors, and restructure resource governance. In this work, I employ mixed methods and collaborate with a transdisciplinary team to analyze the biophysical and social drivers of specific global change processes and their effects on resource users, institutions, and environments across geographic and temporal scales.

Representative Publications

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Mark, B., French, A., et al. (2017) Glacier loss and hydro-social risks in the Peruvian Andes. Global and Planetary Change, 159: 61-76.

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