" Agua es vida ": "water is life," citizens in Peru gather to defend their water access. ©Adam French

"Agua es vida": "water is life," citizens in Peru gather to defend their water access. ©Adam French

Natural Resource Conflicts

I examine inter-sectoral conflicts over water and other resources, especially between local-level users (e.g. small-scale farmers) and industrial sectors (e.g. multi-national energy and mining corporations). Using interdisciplinary and participatory methods including institutional ethnography, legal analysis, and the analysis of hydrologic data, this work documents how social and biophysical factors interact to drive conflict emergence and persistence. In an effort to inform resolution processes and promote more just and sustainable management, this research pays careful attention to power relations, political dynamics, and social justice concerns.

Representative Publications

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French, A. (2019) Webs and Flows: Socio-natural networks and the matter of nature at Peru’s Lake Parón. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 109(1): 142-160.

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